MacVoices #19144: Victor Agreda Compares Pixelmator Pro and Photoshop CC With Adobe appearing in the tech headlines for a variety of reasons recently, we wanted to talk to Victor Agreda about an article he penned for TidBITS. Victor related his experiences with Pixelmator Pro, and how it compared to Photoshop CC, with a focus on some specific features, and why you might want to review your pixel editor of choice. Our conversation covered the speed of the program, where Pixelmator Pro shines, and where Photoshop CC comes out on top. If you are making a purchasing decision, or reviewing the one you’ve already made, listen to what Victor has to say first. Victor also talks about one of his current projects that takes a different, analog approach to productivity.

MacVoices #19140: Road to Macstock - Rick Cartwright’s iOS-Based Video Journey Our next stop on The Road to Macstock is a discussion with Rick Cartwright, who will be addressing the opportunities provide by iOS videography. Rick describes the kinds of videos he enjoys producing and the gear he uses, and how he got started because of a Macstock presentation by Wally Cherwinski. Now he is going to present at the conference, sharing what he learned about getting started with iOS video, some of the tools available, and the start-to-finish demo he will deliver.

MacVoices #19139: Road to Macstock - Stephen Hackett On Blogging vs. Podcasting and Live Audience Reactions Our next stop on The Road to Macstock is a conversation with Stephen Hackett of Mac Power Users. Stephen and David Sparks will be delivering Episode #500 of the show live in front of the Macstock audience, something new for the conference. How he shifted from being primarily a blogger to primarily a podcaster, why podcasting is increasing in popularity, and the differences in recording in front of a live audience are all party of why you want to listen to what Stephen has to say.

MacVoices #19138: Robyn Weisman Helps You Take Control of Your Browser Robyn Weisman has released her first Take Control book, Take Control of Your Browser, to help us get the most out of one of the most-used applications on your devices, no matter which one you prefer. In her first time on MacVoices, Robyn explains why she wanted to author this book, discusses what browsers she uses, and then digs in to some specific topics. Bookmarks, tabs, extensions are all options that you may not be using to their fullest. Robyn will help you surf faster, better, and more efficiently.

MacVoices #19137: Road to Macstock - Brett Terpstra On Developing A Writing Workflow Our next stop on The Road to Macstock is a conversation with Brett Terpstra, to talk about how to be a more productive writer. Brett not only creates tools for various types of writing, but also delivers a ton of content himself. His session will cover both the tools that are available as well as how to approach your project, from original idea to published piece, and all points in between.

MacVoices #19135: Update - 2019-05 In the May, 2019 Update, Chuck apologizes for an oversight last month, notes the conclusion of the NAB coverage, and looks forward to WWDC. Reminders of what gets published to the MacVoices Facebook Group and MacVoices Magazine, and the status of the Patreon and PayPal campaigns wrap up this month’s update.

MacVoices #19034: NAB - Saramonic Offers A Variety of iOS-Oriented High End Audio Solutions Our  NAB coverage from Las Vegas wraps up with a discussion with Jesse Dean, Vice President Audio Division at MAC Group and Saramonic, about their audio gear that was making waves at the show. With a focus on their iOS-compatible equipment, Jesse gives us a look at both Lightning and USB-C connected audio interfaces and mics, talks about how they include as much connectivity as possible in each device, and reviews some of their latest wireless devices.

MacVoices #19133: NAB - Lensrentals Gets You The Gear You Need Without Having To Buy At NAB in Las Vegas, we learned about an option to get the gear needed for a project without having to invest in its purchase. Julian Harper, Video Content Creator for Lensrentals, explains how their system works, both for rentals, and for try-before-you-buy, the insurance options, fulfillment and delivery terms, and the large inventory of everything for pro to prosumer equipment.

MacVoices #19131: NAB - iZotope Acquires Exponential Audio, Improves RX 7 with Machine Learning At NAB in Las Vegas, we get the latest news about iZotope from Communications Director Simon Kerr discusses their acquisition of Exponential Audio, and how it will expand their presence in the surround sound area of film and TV production. Then, Dom Delore, Customer Care Agent, talks about how machine learning is improving the latest version of RX 7, delivering a superior result in less time.

MacVoices #19130: Faster Together - Puget Systems Designs Custom Computers For Your Needs From Faster Together at NAB in Las Vegas, we learned about custom computers built to your specifications from Jon Bach, President of Puget Systems. Jon covers when it makes sense for you to have something custom built and how they go about the process. Their service isn’t just limited to building the box, however. The bigger job is keeping that machine running as software and drivers get updated. Puget makes that part of their service to be sure your machine keeps running at top performance.

XXX At Faster Together at NAB in Las Vegas, Dr. Marc Batschkus, Business Development Manager for Archiware, discusses their products that address the issues of archive, backup, and cloning for video professionals. Available for Mac, Windows and Linux, Archiware works with any cloud solution, and goes beyond the basics by allowing segmented access to projects, so that different departments can work only on the appropriate parts of the project. Marc explains their security for the the information in storage and in transit, and why Archiware isn’t just for the major production houses.

MacVoices #19127: Faster Together - Apogee’s Audio Focus on iOS-Based Pro Video Workflows  At the Faster Together event in Las Vegas, we looked at every piece of gear on an intriguing vertical display at the Apogee table. Roger Robindore, Director of Product Evangelism, provided a rundown on both products they have developed, along with some that they have partnered on, to bring sophisticated audio tools to a pro-level iOS-based workflow. Products discussed include their MetaRecorder, ClipMic digital, and HypeMIC, as well as UltraSync BLUE, and the MAVIS camera app.

MacVoices #19126: NAB - Drobo Shows Off The Drobo 8D For Creatives From NAB in Las Vegas, Drobo Sales Director Brett Best talks us through the highlights of their latest and greatest, the Drobo 8D, an 8-bay device that delivers up to 128TB with two Thunderbolt 3 ports, and a full size 2.5 SSD accelerator. Brett talks about the devices capabilities, the ability to successfully migrate from previous Drobo models (including the Drobo Pro), and why it is important to keep the firmware up to date.

MacVoices #19124: NAB - Facilitates Interaction in Online Video Editing At NAB in Las Vegas, in the first-ever booth, Group Product Manager Sam Seely outlines what is and how they help filmmakers get feedback from customers, clients, and anyone else who is collaborating with them. Security, in transit, in the cloud, and during the sharing are all an important focus, and addresses them all. Sam gives us a look at one of their many useful features, Watch Folders.

MacVoices #19123: NAB - Imagine Products Offers New Capabilities And Rental Software From NAB in Las Vegas, Michelle Maddox of Imagine Products explains how ShotPut 2019.1, lets you monitor your offloading via an iPhone app, their flexibility when it comes to working with their cloud or yours, a partnership with, and why they are now offering short-term licensing, effectively allowing you to rent their software for specific projects. Michelle talks about their forthcoming TrueCheck, their new web site, and why an update to ShotPut is already in the works.

MacVoices #19122: NAB - Soundstripe Offers Video Producers Affordable Music For Their Projects From NAB in Las Vegas, we found out about a service that provides a source of affordable, licensed music for video projects. Soundstripe VP of Marketing Chris Small explains how they have simplified the complex world of music licensing, how they add monthly to their collection of music, and how you can find what you need. Their sponsorship of the Media Motion Ball, what happens if you unsubscribe to their service, and Chris’ personal journey to Soundstripe are all part of the discussion.

MacVoices #19121: NAB - Other World Computing’s Larry O’Connor Shares Product Announcements and Tips From the Other World Computing booth at NAB in Las Vegas, CEO Larry O’Connor delivers the latest on their product line that includes the ThunderBlade 2 external solid state drive, SoftRAID for Windows, The ThunderBay 6, and the benefits of buying it fully populated. Why balancing drives in a RAID is important, tips for buying high-performance drives, and why buying an external SSD as your boot drive might be a better idea than buying an upgraded drive when you buy your Mac.

MacVoices #19120: NAB - Oliver Breidenbach Updates Us On mimoLive, Mousepose, and iStopMotion From NAB in Las Vegas, Oliver Breidenbach of Boinx Software gives us updates on some of their software that helps make your projects come to life, whether in the class room, the Board room, or  the studio. Oliver discusses how schools are using iStopMotion, how mimoLive is addressing the changing needs of video production at all levels, from live streaming to mobile, to the studio, and how changing customer expectations are driving those changes.