MacVoices #19096: Michael Horton Introduces The Faster Together Event at NAB

MacVoices #19096: Michael Horton Introduces The Faster Together Event at NAB Michael Horton will be hosting something new this year at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. The Faster Together event will be held at the Rio on Tuesday, April 9th, and will feature an all-star lineup of speakers who will talk about what they do and how they do it. Focusing less on hardware and which editor is used, and more on creativity and method, Faster Together will be an evening of learning and inspiration. Mike talks about how it will work, provides a discount code, and explains why he just might be signing autographs.

MacVoices #19095: Gregorio Zanon Updates On The New Capabilities of iMazing Gregorio Zanon, the Owner and Manager of DigiDNA, gives us an update on the latest feature additions to iMazing, the essential iPhone backup and archiving utility. Version 2.9 adds WhatsApp chats to the mix, and supports better PDF exports. Gregorio talks about the improved loading speed, the importance of backups and archives in general, and chat message in particular, and why iTunes backups confuse lots of users.

MacVoices #19094: A Discussion of Apple, Business, and Capitalism Tim Cook make headlines with his, “We’re capitalists” statement at the Apple Shareholders Meeting. That might seem like an obvious thing, but the term has been politicized, and can lead to wrong conclusion. The panel of Peter Cohen, Mark Fuccio, @Verso , and host @chuckjoiner take on the subject in a discussion that covers why Apple is a different kind of company, and re-defines the many labels given to business, leading by example more than by declaration.

MacVoices #19092: Jeff Gamet Takes Us On A Tour of Apple’s Health App

Apple’s Health app has been available for some time, but too many of us haven’t explored, or even used it. Jeff Gamet has, and walks us through it. Surprisingly deep, the Health app has a surprising amount of information already tracked and stored for your review, but not in a bad way. Find out what the first thing you should do is, the tab that you will spend the most time, in, and what Jeff hasn’t used…but may start.

MacVoices #19091: Adam Engst and Josh Centers Take Control of Apple’s Preview

Adam Engst and Josh Centers have updated Take Control of Preview to version 1.1 to cover some of the changes, both positive and negative, to Apple’s super useful utility. While recent updates have introduced a couple bugs, it remains a tool that every Mac user should be familiar with. Adam and Josh review some of the changes, highlight some features that you probably don’t know about such as photo manipulation and editing, and even do a live test of a feature that they weren’t sure would work…but it did.

MacVoices #19090: Update - 2019-03

In the March, 2019 Update, Chuck discusses some feedback from Patreon supporters, adds a new way to donate to keep the show going, and reviews the CES shows. Other items include the start of new series on MacVoices this month, the Briefings return, and MacVoices starts to get more active on Instagram.

[APPLE, TECHNOLOGY] MacVoices #19089: Road to Macstock - Wally Cherwinski On The Macstock Film Fest*


This Road to Macstock conversation introduces the Film Fest that will be part of this year’s event. Wally Cherwinski reviews the very few guidelines for the submissions, and then provides both information and inspiration on how you can create something that will be shown on the Macstock screen. Drawing from his experience as a videographer, Wally’s tips on using your iPhone and/or Mac to tell your story, and what that story might be, will have you up and running in no time.