MacVoices #18236: MacVoices Gift Guide #7 Our seventh Holiday Gift Guide show brings together the panel of Dr. Robert Carter, Jeff Gamet, and host Chuck Joiner to deliver what might be the most diverse set of picks yet! Accessibility to sports, graphic novel to audio gear, this panel has something for everyone.

MacVoices #18235: Joshua Davies of FXhome Discusses The Amazing Capabilities of the Video Editor HitFilm Want to take your video editing to the next level? Take a look at HitFilm by FXhome. Founder and CEO Joshua Davies talks about why HitFilm is much more than a non-linear editor. With compositing, video effects and animation built in, HitFilm can be used in conjunction with the software you are using now, or as a replacement. Joshua covers their ambitions, why they are the perfect software to get started in video editing, and why they build some of their tech into plugins for other NLEs. Find out what you can do with the free version of HitFilm, their other software offering, and the exciting animation software that is coming soon.

MacVoices #18234: Holiday Gift Guide #6 The MacVoices Holiday Gift Guide #6 features picks for kids, for grown up kids, and picks for pets. Automation, audio, photography, and videography are also in the mix by a panel that comes off the rails several times. Hear what Jackie Dove, Charles Edge, and host Chuck Joiner selected.

MacVoices #18233: Michael E. Cohen Updates Take Control of Pages Apple keeps making Pages better, and Michael E. Cohen continues to revise Take Control of Pages to keep up. After delving a bit into the history of Pages, Michael takes us through a whirlwind list of the changes and updates to the program’s page layout and word processing capabilities. Those improvements aren’t limited to the Mac, but also include the iPhone and iPad versions. Michael discusses the differences, points out an unusual use for the animated drawings feature, and discusses being, at least for a brief moment, the most well-versed expert of the program on the planet.

MacVoices #18230: Jason Snell Takes Control of Apple’s Photos on Mac and iOS* Jason Snell helps you get the most out of Apple’s photo utilities in his new book, Take Control of Photos. An evolution from a previous title, Jason’s latest effort expands on that to cover both Photos in iOS 12 and macOS Mojave. He talks about why the format of this book is more in tune with how we consume information now, then digs in to how Photos compares with other photo editing options out there, what you can and can’t do with your photos on Apple TV, and the new capabilities Apple has given us for creating printed items even though they are no longer offering that under their brand. The iOS version of Photos has plenty of new features and capabilities, sometimes outstripping its desktop counterpart. Jason tells us what they are and how to use them.

MacVoices #18229: MacVoices Holiday Gift Guide #4 The fourth Holiday Gift Guide panel featured photo and video utilities, portable power options, stocking stuffers, and a special recommendation that could save you $500 on a piece of photography gear if you act quickly. These and many more recommendations come from the panel of David Ginsburg, Jean MacDonald, Frederick Van Johnson and host Chuck Joiner.

MacVoices #18228: BeLight Software’s Live Home 3D Designs Your Home On iOS Looking to to design your next home? BeLiight Software has released Live Home 3D for iOS to help you do just that on your iPhone or iPad. PR Manager Tanya Vert demonstrates how you can set up your rooms, adding wall and floor textures, including and scaling furniture, and even viewing your creation in Elevation mode. Most impressive are the augmented reality options that, depending on the scale, let you put your house on the table, and even put you inside the house, to visualize outdoor views.

MacVoices #18226: Joe Kissell Takes Tech Control of Your Apple ID Joe Kissell is back, but in a couple different roles this time. Joe was the tech editor for the new Take Control of Your Apple ID by Glenn Fleishman, as well as the publisher. What does a tech editor do? Joe explains before digging in to why your Apple ID should be simple…but is not. Why you do and don’t want to have multiple Apple IDs, and what you can or can’t do with them, why security is such a big deal, and some things you can do should you lose access to your Apple account are just some of the things this book addresses.

MacVoices #18225: Michael Devins of Jamf Follows Up The Jamf Nation User Conference Product Manager for Jamf, Michael Devins, talks about some of the announcements at the Jamf User Nation Conference (JNUC), and how the concept of mobile device management is changing and expanding in the enterprise market. Not just for managing the devices of company staff any longer, Jamf is being used in industries such as patient care and hospitality to improve the customer experience using both Macs and iOS devices. Michael covers some examples, talks about a new feature addition that makes it possible, and what their customers are looking for next.

MacVoices #18223: Mihir Shah of Drobo Introduces The New Drobo 8D Drobo CEO Mihir Shah is back on the launch day of the newest member of the Drobo family and successor to the Drobo Pro, the Drobo 8D. Boasting eight drive bays that can accommodate both SSD and rotational drives, the 8D can support volume sizes up to 148TB, making it perfect for prosumer and creative professionals. Mihir outlines all the improvements to this, the fastest Drobo yet, that include two Thunderbolt 3 ports, an Accelerator Bay, and some new software management tools.

MacVoices #18222: Dennis Sellers’ First Weekend with the New iPad Pro Dennis Sellers takes a look back at the evolution of Mac news publishing, then discusses his impressions of the newest iPad Pro after a few days of working with it. Looking at it as both a productivity device as well as a consumption device, Dennis comments on the iPad Pro’s screen size vs. physical size, Face ID, and keyboards. He also describes what would be his ultimate Apple computer, which may be closer than you think.

MacVoices #18220: An In-Depth Conversation with Jeff Gamet In a wide-ranging conversation, Jeff Gamet talks about his transition from tech journalist to TextExpander Evangelist, why podcasting is so important to him, and how the change is impacting (or not) his choice of productivity tools. MacBook Pro or iPad Pro? At home or on the road? Jeff talks about how it all fits together, and what it might take for it all to come together sometime in the future.

MacVoices #18218: Joe Kissell Updates Take Control of 1Password, And For Good Reason Joe Kissell is back with an important update to Take Control of 1Password. This is the fourth edition, and a relatively quick update from the previous version. This was necessary because of the rapid changes in the security landscape, and 1Password’s response. Joe talks about what some of those changes are, because of both what the bad guys are doing, as well as updates to the macOS, and outlines new features that AgileBits are implementing to make you safer.

MacVoices #18216: The MacJury’s Reaction to Apple’s Mac/iPad Event MacVoices #18216: The MacJury’s Reaction to Apple’s Mac/iPad Event The MacJury of Mark Fuccio, David Ginsburg, Andrew Orr, and host Chuck Joiner held court to discuss their reactions to the October 30, 2018 Apple Event in Brooklyn. The new MacBook Air, a (finally) refreshed Mac mini, new iPads and Apple Pencil, and more saw the light of day. Find out what the panel found exciting, entertaining, and important, both with the announcements, and between the lines.

MacVoices #18215: The First Weekend with the iPhone XR, with Dave Hamilton The iPhone XR launch went smoothly, and racked up good sales numbers, but many had already committed to the iPhone XS or XS Max. Not so Dave Hamilton of The Mac Obserever! Dave spent the weekend with the newest iPhone, and provides his thoughts on differentiating factors such as the camera, the screen, and the price. And colors! Let’s not forget about colors! Find out why Dave decided to take a different path, and whether he will stick with it.

MacVoices #18213: Wally Cherwinski’s Guide to Video Creation, Video To Go Wally Cherwinski has authored a new book targeted at making video creation more approachable…and he has hit the mark! Video To Go is for anyone who wants to create engaging video, but doesn’t want to get mired down in technical details. While Wally provides some specific ideas about how to shoot, he also teaches you how to think about what your final product will look like, and what to shoot to get there. He discusses the use of cutaways, changing angles, looks, and why you no longer need expensive video gear to succeed.