MacVoices #19207: Macstock 2019 Wrap-Up with Mike Potter Macstock organizer Mike Potter wraps up this year’s event by looking back at the growth of the conference, the involvement of so many people, and updating us on the Digital Pass for those who couldn’t be there. Mike then looks ahead to next year’s Macstock, discussing the theme, and teases a discussion of how presentation submissions are reviewed.

MacVoices #19205: Macstock - Lydia Huzij Discusses Her Macstock Film Festival Entry We finish up our on-site Macstock 2019 coverage in a conversation with Lydia Huzij, who gave us an idea of the power of Notability and LumaFusion with her Macstock Film Festival entry. Lydia’s effort was a video created on-site during the 500th episode taking of Mac Power Users, and captured Macstock in a very unique way. See why Lydia’s creation is so inspiring, and why you should join her in thinking outside the box when creating video.

MacVoices #19196: FXhome Adds Foundry’s Camera Tracker to HitFilm Kirstie Tostevin, Marketing Manager for FXhome, makes the addition of Foundry’s Camera Tracker to HitFilm official! Kirstie explains the capabilities that have been added to their video editor with this update, and what the power a 3D camera tracker adds to their flagship application. Want to find out what the new version of HitFilm can do? Check out the FXhome YouTube channel to find out how to create your version of a popular effect, and find out about the unique upgrade path that FXhome offers to its customers.

MacVoices #19189: Josh Long of Intego On Malware, Security, Privacy, and Safety Online Josh Long, Chief Security Analyst for Intego, outlines some security practices that we should all be aware of…and not just using multiple passwords. Josh covers issues such as why you can have malware problems even if you don’t visit questionable web sites, why you might not want to use one of those “free” VPN services, and how to find out if your information has been compromised in any of those highly publicized hacks…and in some of the not-so-publicized hacks.

MacVoices #19188: Road to Macstock - Speaker Wrangler Brian Henson The Road to Macstock is almost over, but we wanted to get one last volunteer interview in with someone who is behind the scenes, but is absolutely essential to Macstock’s success. Brian Henson is the guy who helps each and every Macstock speaker on stage on time, plugged in, and ready to go. He talks about how the different speaker personalities require different approaches, how and why he got involved in Macstock, and offers some advice for potential speakers.

MacVoices #19187: Road to Macstock: Registration Volunteers Janet Potter and Cindy Rotz The Road to Macstock isn’t just about the speakers…the volunteers who make it all happen are equally important, maybe more so. This time, the two people who will great you at the registration table tell us about their different perspective on the conference. Janet Potter and Cindy Rotz share their observations on the attendees, the events, and why they enjoy being part of Macstock.

MacVoices #19186: Sam W. Klambour On The Push To Bring Zentyal Server to macOS When Apple discontinued macOS Server, there was a gap in the software market for Mac Admins. Sam W.Klambour, Product Evangelist for Zentyal macServer, talks about the need for a native macOS server, and the Indiegogo campaign he is coordinating to do just that. Sam explains why there is still a need for small and medium-sized businesses to run their own server, and why such a server needs to be both simple and powerful. We get a look at what such a server would look like, and learn how we can help fill this hole in the solutions that the Mac, as a platform, offers.

MacVoices #19185: Bryan Chaffin on A Post-Ive, Post-Ahrendts Apple, and Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Bryan Chaffin is back to provide his thoughts on the evolution of Apple that is represented by the departures of Jony Ive and Angela Ahrendts. Will design now take a back seat in the production process? How will the retail and service experiences change in the Apple Store? Bryan holds forth on those questions, then turns his attention to Facebook’s plan to get into the cryptocurrency game. The implications for both users of such a service, and for Facebook itself, are far-reaching; Bryan explains why.

MacVoices #19182: Charlotte Henry On Fake News and “Not Buying It” Charlotte Henry has authored a new book on one of the hottest topics in today’s world, tech or otherwise. Not Buying It is Charlotte’s examination of “fake news” and the effect it is having on almost everything. Charlotte helps us define and identify fake news, what makes it different from simple rumor mongering, and why it isn’t necessarily politically motivated. Are we really living in a “post-truth era”? How to improve your digital literacy, whether or not there should be regulations to help curb the fake news epidemic, and why trust comes so hard these days are all part of Charlotte’s examination of the subject.