MacVoices #18223: Mihir Shah of Drobo Introduces The New Drobo 8D Drobo CEO Mihir Shah is back on the launch day of the newest member of the Drobo family and successor to the Drobo Pro, the Drobo 8D. Boasting eight drive bays that can accommodate both SSD and rotational drives, the 8D can support volume sizes up to 148TB, making it perfect for prosumer and creative professionals. Mihir outlines all the improvements to this, the fastest Drobo yet, that include two Thunderbolt 3 ports, an Accelerator Bay, and some new software management tools.

MacVoices #18222: Dennis Sellers’ First Weekend with the New iPad Pro Dennis Sellers takes a look back at the evolution of Mac news publishing, then discusses his impressions of the newest iPad Pro after a few days of working with it. Looking at it as both a productivity device as well as a consumption device, Dennis comments on the iPad Pro’s screen size vs. physical size, Face ID, and keyboards. He also describes what would be his ultimate Apple computer, which may be closer than you think.

MacVoices #18220: An In-Depth Conversation with Jeff Gamet In a wide-ranging conversation, Jeff Gamet talks about his transition from tech journalist to TextExpander Evangelist, why podcasting is so important to him, and how the change is impacting (or not) his choice of productivity tools. MacBook Pro or iPad Pro? At home or on the road? Jeff talks about how it all fits together, and what it might take for it all to come together sometime in the future.

MacVoices #18218: Joe Kissell Updates Take Control of 1Password, And For Good Reason Joe Kissell is back with an important update to Take Control of 1Password. This is the fourth edition, and a relatively quick update from the previous version. This was necessary because of the rapid changes in the security landscape, and 1Password’s response. Joe talks about what some of those changes are, because of both what the bad guys are doing, as well as updates to the macOS, and outlines new features that AgileBits are implementing to make you safer.

MacVoices #18216: The MacJury’s Reaction to Apple’s Mac/iPad Event MacVoices #18216: The MacJury’s Reaction to Apple’s Mac/iPad Event The MacJury of Mark Fuccio, David Ginsburg, Andrew Orr, and host Chuck Joiner held court to discuss their reactions to the October 30, 2018 Apple Event in Brooklyn. The new MacBook Air, a (finally) refreshed Mac mini, new iPads and Apple Pencil, and more saw the light of day. Find out what the panel found exciting, entertaining, and important, both with the announcements, and between the lines.

MacVoices #18215: The First Weekend with the iPhone XR, with Dave Hamilton The iPhone XR launch went smoothly, and racked up good sales numbers, but many had already committed to the iPhone XS or XS Max. Not so Dave Hamilton of The Mac Obserever! Dave spent the weekend with the newest iPhone, and provides his thoughts on differentiating factors such as the camera, the screen, and the price. And colors! Let’s not forget about colors! Find out why Dave decided to take a different path, and whether he will stick with it.

MacVoices #18213: Wally Cherwinski’s Guide to Video Creation, Video To Go Wally Cherwinski has authored a new book targeted at making video creation more approachable…and he has hit the mark! Video To Go is for anyone who wants to create engaging video, but doesn’t want to get mired down in technical details. While Wally provides some specific ideas about how to shoot, he also teaches you how to think about what your final product will look like, and what to shoot to get there. He discusses the use of cutaways, changing angles, looks, and why you no longer need expensive video gear to succeed.

MacVoices #18212: Yev Pusin on Backblaze, macOS Mojave, and Security

MacVoices #18212: Yev Pusin on Backblaze, macOS Mojave, and Security MacVoices #18212: Yev Pusin on Backblaze, macOS Mojave, and Security Yev Pusin, the Director of Marketing for Backblaze, addresses some of the changes in Mojave that have required user intervention with their online backup service. Apple upped their game on security in the newest version of macOS, and that means that users need to be sure their software is up-to-date with the latest version, and that they understand what permissions they are giving. Yev talks about how Backblaze addressed the issue, give us a behind-the-scenes look at how their processes, and explains why he was visiting from the show floor of the JAMF Nation User Conference.

MacVoices #18210: Bradley Olsen Discusses The Final Cut X Documentary, Off The Tracks

Off The Tracks is the documentary about the creation, release, and early days of Final Cut X. Bradley Olsen, the Director and Producer of the film discusses what motivated him to take on the project, how it evolved, and some of the people he interviewed along the way. Brad talks about how Final Cut X was a huge step forward, one that some other editing software is only now trying to emulate, why those advancements were resisted, and some of the story behind the story of the program’s controversial release. Audio and video

MacVoices #18208: Bryan Chaffin Discusses Privacy, Security, Siri, and Who To Trust

Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer provides some thoughts on the state of privacy and security, who is gathering what information on you, and what they are doing with it. Explaining “differential privacy”, Bryan talks about the uses to which Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook put the profiles they build on you, who he trusts, and who he doesn’t. He also discusses the demise of Google+, why it failed, and what social media he uses.…

[MacVoices #18207: Neil Ticktin Profiles This Year's MacTech Conference](

This year’s MacTech Conference is coming up fast. Neil Ticktin provides some insight into why it is such a popular conference, and how they make it a complete learning experience, from morning to night. Who will speaking, what they will be talking about, and how you can get $200 of the ticket price are all part of the discussion.

[MacVoices #18206: BeLight's Letters Makes Creating Text Effects Fun and Easy](

BeLight Software has a new way to create stunning text effects. Letters is the fun, easy, yet powerful way to add style to any project you have, from social media to the company’s annual report. Marketing Specialist Julia Shtelmukhova demonstrates how it works, and explains how some of the textures and designs originated with real-world objects. Letters offers a wide variety of export options so that your project can be used virtually anywhere. Julia shows us how easy getting your design from Letters to a third-party application, and how it supplements their other text creation program, Art Text.

MacVoices #18205: Briefing - Five Security and Privacy Tips…

In a new MacVoices series, Chuck Joiner provides five easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement tips that will make you just a little more secure and private than you were. The idea is that implementing five at a time makes it easier for you to actually do them. From passwords to surfing, web cams to physical security, these tips will get you started on a path to improving your security and privacy.

MacVoices #18204: David Sparks Releases Field Guides On Siri Shortcuts and OmniFocus* David Sparks has released not one but two brand new Field Guides to help make you a “digital ninja”. In the Siri Shortcuts Field Guide, David doesn’t just show you how to use the latest Apple productivity tool, but lets you download his example shortcuts so you can modify them to suit your own needs, not a bit of code required. Then, David delivers his personal productivity spin in the OmniFocus Field Guide to help you build a working task management system that you will understand and will work for you. He also talks about his transition to video-only training, his site, and how sharks with lasers figures into it all.

MacVoices #18201: Mark Fuccio on The SiriusXM Acquisition of Pandora* How much does the recently announced acquisition of Pandora by Sirius XM change the streaming music landscape? What does it mean for each company, and why is it important? Mark Fuccio and host Chuck Joiner share their experiences with both services and their interest in the deal. Where Pandora has been, is, and where it may be going, and why the deal does or doesn’t make sense.

MacVoices #18200: Scholle McFarland Takes Control of Mojave* Scholle McFarland and Take Control Books have released the updated and complete version of Take Control of Mojave. The latest version of macOS offers plenty of improvements, but having a guide to it helps you take full advantage. Scholle talks about what you will notice first when you first boot Mojave, and some of her favorite new features. She explains why she considers this a “privacy release” and what protections Apple has put in place in the OS, as well as Safari, to help keep you secure and private. For the latter, Scholle explains some of the changes, a surprising Siri password command, and just how private the Private Browsing feature is.

MacVoices #18199: The First Weekend With The Apple Watch Series 4, and iPhone XS and XS Max*

After spending the first weekend with new Apple hardware in hand, Patrice Brend’amour, Dr. Robert Carter, and host Chuck Joiner convened a MacJury to share their experiences. Who purchased what and why, the process of upgrading to the new hardware, and what features took center stage in the first few days of use for both the Apple Watch, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max fill the discussion.