MacVoices #19186: Sam W. Klambour On The Push To Bring Zentyal Server to macOS When Apple discontinued macOS Server, there was a gap in the software market for Mac Admins. Sam W.Klambour, Product Evangelist for Zentyal macServer, talks about the need for a native macOS server, and the Indiegogo campaign he is coordinating to do just that. Sam explains why there is still a need for small and medium-sized businesses to run their own server, and why such a server needs to be both simple and powerful. We get a look at what such a server would look like, and learn how we can help fill this hole in the solutions that the Mac, as a platform, offers.

MacVoices #19185: Bryan Chaffin on A Post-Ive, Post-Ahrendts Apple, and Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Bryan Chaffin is back to provide his thoughts on the evolution of Apple that is represented by the departures of Jony Ive and Angela Ahrendts. Will design now take a back seat in the production process? How will the retail and service experiences change in the Apple Store? Bryan holds forth on those questions, then turns his attention to Facebook’s plan to get into the cryptocurrency game. The implications for both users of such a service, and for Facebook itself, are far-reaching; Bryan explains why.

MacVoices #19182: Charlotte Henry On Fake News and “Not Buying It” Charlotte Henry has authored a new book on one of the hottest topics in today’s world, tech or otherwise. Not Buying It is Charlotte’s examination of “fake news” and the effect it is having on almost everything. Charlotte helps us define and identify fake news, what makes it different from simple rumor mongering, and why it isn’t necessarily politically motivated. Are we really living in a “post-truth era”? How to improve your digital literacy, whether or not there should be regulations to help curb the fake news epidemic, and why trust comes so hard these days are all part of Charlotte’s examination of the subject.

MacVoices #19178: Jean MacDonald and Manton Reece Explain The Workings of is a social network that is both familiar and different than you may be used to. That’s why Founder @manton and Community Manager/Evangelist @macgenie explain some of the choices that have been made to create a place you want to be. From the inevitable discussions of privacy and security to the unique structure of the service, Jean and Manton answer all the questions you might have about and how it works. Is it a blogging service? A podcasting service? A social network? Yes! Find out the many benefits of being on, how to connect with users, and the different ways that you can participate.

MacVoices #19177: Road to Macstock - Rosemary Orchard On Getting More Out of Siri We get back on The Road to Macstock in a conversation with Rosemary Orchard about her session that will focus on getting more out of Siri. Siri is much more than just a voice assistant in your HomePod; Rose tells us what some of those things are, why it is easier than ever to tap the power of Siri using Shortcuts, and why you should never be afraid of trying anything with Siri. Functionality, security, and privacy are all better on Siri, and Rose tells us why.

MacVoices #19176: Michael E. Cohen Talks Take Control of Pages and Take Control of Numbers Michael E. Cohen updates us on not one but two new versions of Take Control books about Apple apps that you use…or should use. Michael is the author Take Control of Pages , and discusses what is new in the latest release, including a new navigational Table of Contents feature, vertical text, the new capabilities of the Shapes palette, and template syncing through iCloud. Michael is also the editor of Sharon Zardetto’s Take Control of Numbers, and is perfect suited to talk about the new Organize inspector in numbers that facilitates sorting, filtering, and categories. Other improvements include voice annotations, and importing and exporting improvements.

MacVoices #19174: WWDC/AltConf - Inside the AltConf Escape Room At AltConf in San Jose, MacVoices got to go inside The Escape Room, where teams tried to save Tim Cook’s keynote from being delayed. First, Chadwick Severn, the creator of Escape The Keynote, talks about how and why he created the room. Then, watch as the team that was the first to solve The Escape Room in the allotted time, work their way through all sorts of Apple-related puzzles and related clues.

MacVoices #19157: WWDC/AltConf - Kristaps Grinbergs of Qminder Helps You Maintain Your Place In Line At AltConf in San Jose, we learn about an iOS-based queuing solution from Qminder co-founder Kristaps Grinsbergs. Qminder allows your customers to check in via iPad or iPhone, see their name on an Apple TV-based screen when it is their turn, and provide actionable analytics for the business owner. If you’ve been in line anywhere, you have probably been using Qminder without knowing it.

MacVoices #19150: Road to Macstock: Elle Newman’s Body Hacks and Yoga for Nerds The Road to Macstock takes an unexpected turn as we talk to @ElleNewman, who will be coordinating two different activities at the conference. While most of the presenters will be focused on the more intellectual aspects of computer use, Elle will be addressing the physical stresses and strains of those who spend too much time at the keyboard. Her “Body Hacks” session on the first day and “Yoga for Nerds” on the second will teach attendees how to take better care of themselves while working intensely on that next application, novel, or presentation.

MacVoices #19149: Road to Macstock - Josh Rensch On The Tech and Productivity Connection The Road to Macstock takes a trip to the kitchen in our discussion with Josh Rensch. His unique presentation will focus on developing workflows to make you more productive by comparing the process to cooking. Making your workflow work for you as well as others, coordinating your efforts, and getting things done more efficiently both in your kitchen and in your projects will be Josh’s focus.