MacVoices #19124: NAB - Facilitates Interaction in Online Video Editing At NAB in Las Vegas, in the first-ever booth, Group Product Manager Sam Seely outlines what is and how they help filmmakers get feedback from customers, clients, and anyone else who is collaborating with them. Security, in transit, in the cloud, and during the sharing are all an important focus, and addresses them all. Sam gives us a look at one of their many useful features, Watch Folders.

MacVoices #19123: NAB - Imagine Products Offers New Capabilities And Rental Software From NAB in Las Vegas, Michelle Maddox of Imagine Products explains how ShotPut 2019.1, lets you monitor your offloading via an iPhone app, their flexibility when it comes to working with their cloud or yours, a partnership with, and why they are now offering short-term licensing, effectively allowing you to rent their software for specific projects. Michelle talks about their forthcoming TrueCheck, their new web site, and why an update to ShotPut is already in the works.

MacVoices #19122: NAB - Soundstripe Offers Video Producers Affordable Music For Their Projects From NAB in Las Vegas, we found out about a service that provides a source of affordable, licensed music for video projects. Soundstripe VP of Marketing Chris Small explains how they have simplified the complex world of music licensing, how they add monthly to their collection of music, and how you can find what you need. Their sponsorship of the Media Motion Ball, what happens if you unsubscribe to their service, and Chris’ personal journey to Soundstripe are all part of the discussion.

MacVoices #19121: NAB - Other World Computing’s Larry O’Connor Shares Product Announcements and Tips From the Other World Computing booth at NAB in Las Vegas, CEO Larry O’Connor delivers the latest on their product line that includes the ThunderBlade 2 external solid state drive, SoftRAID for Windows, The ThunderBay 6, and the benefits of buying it fully populated. Why balancing drives in a RAID is important, tips for buying high-performance drives, and why buying an external SSD as your boot drive might be a better idea than buying an upgraded drive when you buy your Mac.

MacVoices #19120: NAB - Oliver Breidenbach Updates Us On mimoLive, Mousepose, and iStopMotion From NAB in Las Vegas, Oliver Breidenbach of Boinx Software gives us updates on some of their software that helps make your projects come to life, whether in the class room, the Board room, or  the studio. Oliver discusses how schools are using iStopMotion, how mimoLive is addressing the changing needs of video production at all levels, from live streaming to mobile, to the studio, and how changing customer expectations are driving those changes.

MacVoices #19118: NAB - Backblaze Furthers Their Expansion Into Enterprise Online Cloud Storage On the show floor at NAB in Las Vegas, Yev Pusin, Director of Marketing for Backblaze details their expansion into the commercial data storage market with new integration partners, and a focus on the enterprise. That takes nothing away from the online backup service we know and love, but broadens their horizon. Yev talks about how it works, what it offers, and their option for seeding the online storage can make it easier and faster than uploading your data.

MacVoices #19117: NAB - Wasabi Offers Fast Cloud Storage At An Affordable Price From NAB in Las Vegas, Dan Keldsen, Director of Customer Innovation at Wasabi, outlines their “hot cloud storage” service that offers cheaper prices and faster access than the leading cloud provider. Dan educates us on some of the things you need to look at when choosing and using a cloud storage provider, why they shouldn’t be considered a CDN, and how they insure the privacy of your data, both in transit and in storage.

MacVoices #19114: NAB - Luma Touch’s Newest Improvements to Luma Fusion and iOS-Based Video Editing At NAB in Las Vegas, the improvements to Luma Fusion by Luma Touch were almost too many to list during our conversation with Terri Morgan, Co-Founder and Principle Designer, and Chris Demiris, Co-Founder and Engineer. Terri told us about a few of the newest features, including more audio and video tracks, an improved UI, integration, and external monitor support. Chris discussed some of the features that will be coming a little farther down the line, including Final Cut XML support. They also discussed why they are not doing a subscription model, and why touch-based editing can bring back creativity to the process.

MacVoices #19113: NAB - FiLMic Pro Gains Freefly Cinema Robot Support and A New Audio App Just outside a very crowded FiLMic Pro booth at NAB in Las Vegas, Neill Barham, the Founder and CEO, talks about their latest improvements and updates, including support for the Freefly Cinema Robot, and their upcoming audio recording app that will sync audio from a second iOS device to the FiLMic files, improving audio options and cutting down on post-production time. Neill also covers the inclusion of a feature set that previously required an in-app purchase, and the differences that shooting with an iOS device vs. a traditional camera can make to filmmakers.

MacVoices #19112: NAB - FXhome Makes Three Big HitFilm Announcements In Las Vegas at NAB, we heard a lot about the announcements by FXhome from Kirstie Tostevin, Marketing Manager, and Javert Valbarr, VFX Artist. Those announcements include the inclusion of The Foundry’s camera tracker in HitFilm Pro, After Effects support in HitFilm, and their partnership with Vegas Creative Software to create a suite of apps that satisfy all of the users’ creative needs. Kirstie also talks about their user community, and Javert discusses his journey from teenage HitFilm user to working for the company.

MacVoices #19105: Joe Kissell Updates Take Control Books on Online Privacy and Passwords Two of Joe Kissell’s most important books are Take Control of Your Online Privacy and Take Control of Your Passwords, and both have just been updated. Joe joins us to talk about why you should be suspicious about just about anything online. By not being suspicious, you are not just potentially compromising your privacy, but the privacy of others that you are in touch with. Joe provides some surprising examples, and what you can do to improve your chances. He also covers some things Apple is doing to improve your privacy, and updates his advice on improving your passwords as part of your privacy efforts.

MacVoices #19104: Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba Introduces The New SoundSource and Covers Loopback Rogue Amoeba CEO and Co-Founder Paul Kafasis tells us about the new, updated version of SoundSource, and the key features that make it almost a whole new product. Now you can not only adjust the volume and control the output of various sources, but you can also add an equalizer and audio effects to those same sources, independent of each other. Paul also discusses how the latest version of the Loopback achieves Rogue Amoeba’s original vision, and the use cases that go far beyond podcasting. Chuck and Paul also talk about how podcasting has evolved into the mainstream, and Paul’s new, much sought-after domain.

MacVoices #19103: Eliska Divoka On The Evolution and Capabilities of Senior Care App Oscar Senior Eliska Divoka, Chief Marketing Officer for Oscar Senior, is back to tell us about the evolution of their software service for senior care and interaction. Now with both B2B and B2C options, Oscar Senior offers a simplified interface for iOS and Android devices to facilitate ease-of-use of some of those devices sophisticated capabilities. Eliska discusses the differences in senior care between the U.S. and Europe, how they address privacy concerns, and their pricing model, which is affordable for anyone who has a need for their services.

MacVoices #19102: Update 2019-04 In the April update, Chuck comments on the upcoming publication schedule, outlines appearances at user groups and on other shows, and discusses the use of confidential information by MacVoices. Reports on both the Patreon and PayPal sponsorship campaigns wrap up the month.

MacVoices #19101: Road to Macstock - Barry Fulk Outlines The Midwest Mac Mingle Events The Road to Macstock takes a social turn in a conversation with Barry Fulk, the organizer of the Midwest Mac Mingle. This year, Barry will not only be putting together the Friday and Saturday night actives for the event, but also some pre-and post Macstock activities for those who will be in Chicago longer and want a taste of the town. Barry outlines some of the options he is considering, including a visit to a major league baseball park. Find out how you can participate in not only Macstock, but in all the fun things Barry is working on.